Houston Area Broadcast Stations                             3/4/07
                            by Myles Barkman KG5AI

 530 TIS  Deer Park PD   WX(162.4), City Info WNVI202-1410 Center Street
 530 TIS  Houston IAH    Bush Airport info WNIT915? or WNLZ915-Will Clayton Pky & Kennedy Blvd
 530 TIS  Texas City     WPIW517-1725 25th St. N
 530 TIS  STATEWIDE      WPSS319,WPTI468-TXDOT Statewide Use
 560 KLVI E Beaumont     News/Talk/Sports
 610 KILT N Houston      Prime sports (Aldine area)
 650 KIKK Pasadena       CNN news/talk (daytime only)
 670xTIS  Pearland PD    WX(162.4) WPCG387-2010 Old Alvin Rd (license expired)
 700 KSEV N Tomball      Talk
 740 KTRH SW Dayton      News/Talk/Astros (NE of Crosby)
 770 TIS  La Porte       San Jacinto State Historical Park WPIV391-3523 Hwy 134 (not heard)
 790 KBME N Houston      Sports
 810xTIS  Galena Park    WPJT263-NE of loop 610 & Hwy 225-at city hall? (not heard)(license expired)
 830 TIS  La Porte LEPC  WX(162.55), City Info, School Menu WPED343-124 S 2nd Street
 850 KEYH W Houston      spanish ranchera/tropical (Clodine area)
 880 KJOJ Conroe         Vietnamese
 900 KREH Wallis         Vietnamese "Radio Saigon Houston" (Austin County)
 920 KYST Texas City     Spanish Sports
 950 KPRC NE Houston     News/Talk (610/Liberty Rd)
 980 KRTX Rosenberg      Tejano
1010 KLAT N Houston      Spanish news/talk w/100.7 (Mount Houston area)
1030 KCTA Corpus Christi Religious
1050 KCHN Brookshire     Chinese
1070 KNTH N Houston      news/talk/Aeros (Bammel area)
1090 KNUZ Bellville      Spanish religious
1110 KTEK Alvin          multilingual religious, Vietnamese
1140 KYOK Conroe         Urban gospel (daytime only)
1180 KGOL Porter Heights Asian (NW of Porter)
1230 KQUE Houston        Spanish ranchera (near downtown & south of Jersey Village, daytime)
1250 KDEI Port Arthur    Catholic
1270 KFCC Bay City       50s-70s oldies or spanish religious
1290 TIS  Houston port   WX(162.4) WPCD886-8615 Manchester Blvd.
1290 TIS  Galveston Cty  Galveston Co. Event Info WPBF212-I45 & FM 646 at Galveston EOC
1320 KXYZ Pasadena       business/Vietnamese
1360 KWWJ Baytown        Urban gospel
1380 KRCM Beaumont       70s oldies
1400 KHCB Galveston      Multi-language religious (w/105.7 not always)(wants to move north of Santa Fe)
1400 KHCH Huntsville     repeat of KHCB
1430 KCOH E Houston      Urban oldies/talk (610/Clinton Dr)
1460 KBRZ Freeport       Spanish contemporary Christian
1480 KLVL Pasadena       Spanish religious
1500 KANI Wharton        Urban gospel
1520 KYND Cypress        spanish religious
1540 KGBC Galveston      50s-70s oldies or catholic (has CP to increase power)
1560 KILE S Houston      spanish religious, ethnic (daytime) (Almeda area)-has CP to move near Rosharon w/50kW
1580xTIS  several        TXDOT Around Loop 610-WPSS980 (replaced by 1680?)(license expired)
1590 KMIC NW Houston     Radio Disney (Highland Park area)
1610 TIS  Baytown FD     WX(162.4) WNZF322-201 E Wye Rd., 10500 Pinehurst Dr. and 7210 Bayway Dr.
1610xTIS  Houston HOU    Hobby Airport info KON247-Intersection Airport Blvd & Monroe Rd (license expired)
1610xTIS  Webster        Webster city info WPJQ404-17100 Texas Ave (license expired)
1610 TIS  Galveston      WPSS982,WPTS344-TXDOT Near I-45 & Harborside
1610 TIS  STATEWIDE      WPSS319,WPTI468-TXDOT Statewide Use
1610 TIS  Brazosport     WPHX924 Clute,Freeport,Lake Jackson,Oyster Creek,Surfside-Brazosport CAER
1620 TIS  Channelview    WX(162.4), Arco, Lyondell WPAM217-8280 Sheldon Rd (moved to 1640?)
1620xTIS  Ellington Fld  Houston Police WPSH203 (not heard)
1630 TIS  Seabrook       WPPH957-1400 Cook St
1630 TIS  Galena Park    WX(162.4), Galena Park LEPC WPQH631-304 Stewart St
1640 TIS  Channelview    WX(162.4), Arco, Lyondell WPAM217-8280 Sheldon Rd
1650 TIS  Friendswood    WX(162.4), WPMZ659
1680 TIS  several        WPSS982,WPTE243,WPTR871,WPTS344,TXDOT (Harris County)
1680 TIS  Richmond       WQEL390 Fort Bend Co OEM
1690 TIS  Webster        KHA926 NASA-Johnson Space Center OEM
1690 TIS  Richmond       WQEL390 Fort Bend Co OEM

 88.1 KFTG Pasadena      spanish
 88.3 KAFR Willis        religious
 88.7 KUHF Missouri City Public, classical-UH           SCA 67-HTBR,92-Asian
      HD2                Classical music/fine arts
 89.3 KSBJ Plum Grove    Contemporary Christian
 89.5 K208DG Galveston   translator 250W erp from 90.1
 89.7 KACC Alvin         variety-Alvin Community College
 90.1 KPFT NW Houston    Diverse, variety (Jersey Village area) SCA 67?-blank, 92-(1560 KILE)
 90.5 KJIC Liverpool     southern gospel                RDS 57?, SCA 67?
 90.9 KTSU Houston       Urban Jazz-Texas Southern University
 91.1 KYBJ Lake Jackson  Brazosport educational?
 91.1 K216CJ Port Bolivar religous? translator 140W erp
 91.3 KPVU Prairie View  Jazz, Gospel-Prairie View A&M
 91.5 K218DA Houston     translator of KTRU?-Rice University 10W erp
 91.7 KTRU NW Kingwood   Public, alternative-Rice University
 92.1 KROI NW Danbury    Urban Gospel                   SCA 67-Asian, 92-Asian
 92.9 KKBQ Missouri City 90s Hit Country
 93.3 KQBU Devers        Regional Spanish
 93.7 KKRW Missouri City Classical rock
      HD2  The Loop      Adult Album Alternative
 94.5 KTBZ Missouri City Modern Rock                    RDS 57?
      HD2  Liquid Buzz   New Music and harder alternative or Indie Rock and Pure Alternative
 95.7 KHJZ Missouri City Smooth Jazz                    RDS 57?
      HD2                Traditional Jazz
 96.5 KHMX Missouri City Hot AC
      HD2  Digital Energy New Music CHR
 97.1 KTHT N Shepherd    Country
 97.3xK247AF Galveston   KSBJ translator 180W erp
 97.5 KFNC Winnie        ESPN Sports talk/news          RDS 57?
      HD2                Classic Hits
 97.9 KBXX Missouri City R&B
 98.5 KTJM Devers        regional spanish w/103.3
 99.1 KODA Missouri City Soft AC                        RDS 57,SCA 67-(790 KBME)
      HD2  Sunny         AC Love Songs
 99.9 KSHN Devers        Soft AC
100.3 KILT Missouri City country                        RDS 57
      HD2                future country
100.7 KLAT Devers        religious talk
101.1 KLOL Misouri City  Latino, reggaeton, pop         RDS 57
      HD2  La Preciosa   Adult Hits of 80's, 90's and today or in-depth news or KTRH 740 news
101.5 KSTB High Island   Classic Country
102.1 KMJQ Missouri City adult R&B                      SCA 67-Asian,92-Arab (gone)
102.9 KLTN Houston       regional spanish (near downtown)
103.3 KJOJ SW Freeport   regional spanish w/98.5
103.7 KIOL Devers        Rock
      HD2                Indie and New Rock
104.1 KRBE Missouri City top 40                         RDS 57,SCA 67-data
      HD2                Classic Alternative
104.9 KPTY Dntwn Houston R&B
      HD2                Tejano KRTX AM
105.3 KEZB Hempstead     Soft AC
105.7 KHCB Missouri City Religious w/1400 sometimes     SCA 67-data,Spanish
106.1 KIOC Vidor         rock
106.5 KOVE S Arcadia     Spanish soft AC
106.9 KHPT Splendora     80s music
107.5 KHTC Liverpool     60s-70s greatest hits		  SCA 67-data (gone)
107.9 KQQK Devers        Spanish top 40
107.9 KQLC Pattison      low power religious

RBDS data uses 57 kHz subcarrier
Some nationwide pagers use SCA
Highway signs get signals from SCA

Note:  Analog TV stations to be turned off by February 19, 2009.

Here is a good site that lists radio stations in the Houston, Galveston, and Bay City/Freeport areas.

 2 KPRC Missouri City    NBC                            SCA 78.67-program audio,102.27-blank
 5 KPXB Conroe           PAX digital-now ION?
 5 KJIB Clear Lake City  near Taylor Lake Village 100 Watts Far Eastern Telecasters
 6      Galveston?
 8 KUHT Missouri City    PBS, University of Houston     SAP 78.67-HTBR/DVS along w/program audio
 9 KUHT Missouri City    PBS digital
11 KHOU Missouri City    CBS                            SAP 78.67-program audio/blank,102.27-director cueing w/program audio (IFB?)
13 KTRK Missouri City    ABC                            SAP 78.67-program audio,102.27-TSL? data/blank
14 KETH Missouri City    TBN
15 KVVV Texas City       Azteca America Low Power digital (or Ch.16)
19 KTXH Missouri City    UPN digital
20 KTXH Missouri City    UPN                            SAP 78.67-program audio
21 KVQT Missouri City    Spanish Religious low power
22 KLTJ Liverpool        Religious Daystar
23 KLTJ Liverpool        digital Religious Daystar
24 KETH Missouri City    TBN digital
25 KVDO Missouri City    low power Far Eastern Telecasters
26 KRIV Missouri City    FOX
27 KRIV Missouri City    FOX digital, weather radar
28 KHMV Missouri City    Azteca America repeater low power (not needed with Ch.57)
29 KJIB Missouri City    low power Far Eastern Telecasters
30 KCVH North Houston    Shop at Home low power (has CP to increase power and move to Missouri City)
30 K30DN Freeport        low power (wants to increase power and move near Angleton)
31 KHOU Missouri City    CBS digital
32 KTRK Missouri City    ABC digital
33 KBPX Missouri City    PAX Family Programming repeater low power (has application to increase power)-now ION?
34 KVIT Missouri City    Spanish Religious Almavision
35 KPRC Missouri City    NBC digital, weather radar
36 KFTH Missouri City    TeleFutura digital
38 KHCW Missouri City    WB/UPN digital
39 KHCW Missouri City    WB/UPN
41 KAZH Missouri City    Azteca America digital
42 KTBU Missouri City    IND digital
43 KHLM Missouri City    translator TV Informa
44 KZJL Missouri City    Spanish digital
45 KXLN Missouri City    UNIV
46 KXLN Missouri City    UNIV digital
47 KTMD Missouri City    TMDO
48 KTMD Missouri City    TMDO digital
49 KPXB W Splendora      PAX Family Programming (has CP to move to Missouri City)-now ION?
50 K50HN Needville       religious & El Campo
51 KNWS Missouri City    IND
52 KNWS Missouri City    IND digital
53 KVVV Dwntwn Houston   Azteca America-low power repeater (from 57) (has CP to increase power and move to Texas City)
55 KTBU E Splendora      IND "The Tube" (has CP to move to Missouri City)
57 KAZH Missouri City    Azteca America with Ch.28
61 KZJL Missouri City    Spanish independant, infomercials
67 KFTH Missouri City    Spanish TeleFutura 			  SAP 78.67-NWR 162.400 MHz (gone)
69 KVDO Clear Lake City  low power translator Far Eastern Telecasters (application to move to channel 25 in Missouri City)

15.734 kHz stereo pilot, 78.67 kHz SAP, 102.27 kHz PRO (cueing, TSL data)

943.000          Gulf Television 1945 Allen Pkwy (expired)
944.1125         Houston Christian 2424 South Blvd.
944.500          Faith Broadcasting 4210 Creekmont (cancelled)
944.500          Group W 24 E Greenway Plaza
944.875:945.125  TSU
945.000          KRTS 1600 Smith Ste 5100
945.000          Infinity 24 E Greenway Plaza
945.000          Group W 24 E Greenway
945.250          KRTS 16860 Royal Crest
945.375          TLC 1415 N Loop West Ste 400
945.500          Faith Broadcasting 4400 Post Oak
945.500          Siga Broadcasting 111 Ennis
945.500          TLC 1415 N Loop West Ste 400
945.500          Clear Channel 24 Greenway Plaza
945.625          TLC 1415 N Loop West Ste 400
945.625          Faith 3001 La Branch (cancelled)
946.000          CCC Houston AM 8181 SW Fwy
946.375:946.625  Capstar TX 4701 Caroline 
946.500          KLOL 510 Lovett
946.600          Post Newsweek 8181 SW Fwy
947.000          Infinity 24 E Greenway Plaza
947.000          South Texas 6161 Savoy
947.500          Chancellor Media/HBC Houston 3050 Post Oak Ste 1200
947.500          Achievement Radio 121 W 1st St.
947.500          Command Communications 4810 San Felipe (cancelled)
947.500          University of Houston 4513 Cullen
947.625          William Marsh Rice University 6100 Main St.
948.000          ECI License 5353 W Alabama
948.000          South Texas Broadcasting Arena Tower II Ste 1110
948.000          Pacifica 410 Lovett
948.000          WTOP 5353 W Alabama
948.500          KLOL 510 Lovett
948.500          KRBE 9801 Westheimer
948.500          KSBJ First Street, Wilson Rd
949.000          Hispanic Pierce Junction
949.000          Clear Channel 2828 SW Fwy
949.000          Clear Channel 24 Greenway Plaza
949.000          University of Houston 4511 Cullen
949.375          CCC Houston AM 11767 Katy Fwy
949.375:949.625  KCOH 5011 Almeda
949.375          KLOL 510 Lovett
949.500          Artlite 10250 Bissonnet
949.625          CCC Houston AM 11767 katy Fwy
949.750          Chancellor Media 3050 Post Oak
949.750          Witchita Stations 3050 Post Oak
950.000          Houston Christian 2424 South Blvd.
950.000          South Texas Broadcasting 14919 Welcome
950.375          Capstar TX 4701 Caroline
950.500          KLOL 3050 Post Oak
950.500          Pacific & Southern San Jacinto Bank Bldg
950.625          Capstar TX 4701 Caroline
950.7625         Citicasters 1600 Smith
951.000          Citicasters 1990 Post Oak
951.000          GCC Communications 2500 W Loop South (expired)
951.500          Clear Channel 6420 Richmond
951.625          KLOL 510 Lovett
951.750          Citicasters 3050 Post Oak
951.8125         William Marsh Rice University 6100 S Main St.

Techinor 980, 1010, 93.3, 100.7, 104.9
U of H 88.7
Rice 91.7
TSU 90.9
Faith 98.5
KSBJ 89.3, 91.1, 97.3, 99.7
KRTS 92.1
KRBE 104.1
Pacifica 90.1
Clear Channel 700, 950, 97.9, 102.1
HBC 102.9
Citicasters 96.5, 97.1, 107.5
Capstar 1230, 93.7
South Texas 1070, 1110, 106.9
Infinity 610, 650, 95.7, 100.3
Houston Christian 1400, 105.7
KCOH 1430
Artlite 850
Siga 1480
Hispanic 920
AMFM Licenses 740, 790, 92.9, 94.5, 99.1, 101.1